How to make your own Sustain Pedal

A year ago, I made this post in Instagram. But I haven’t made the tutorial yet. Today, I’m gonna make a very simple sustain pedal.

A sustain pedal is a needs for every pianist, just like we need rice. :hammers

In the video above, there is 2 sustain in one board. Today, I’m gonna make 1 sustain per board.

Tools needed :

  1. PCB Board
  2. Push Button, 2 pieces if possible
  3. Jack TRS 1/4 inch (to keyboard. Follow your own keyboard standard for sustain pedal.)
  4. Some cables
  5. Solder and lead

Schematics :

Made with paint. Please don’t bully me.

Bisa aja dibuat dengan 1 tombol aja, apalagi kalau kayak gini, tombol manapun yang ditekan, dia bakal terhubung. Jadi sama aja sebenarnya.

I arranged it 2 lined up, so the board is bigger like a real sustain.

Then I just connect all with lead. Here, the lead is not yet soldered correctly.

Then I connect the cable. If it looks bad, I’m sorry. I’m Computer engineering, not Electrical engineering.

Make sure 2 of that connection doesn’t connect. After that, it would be good if we use cable insulation for the connector.

Final results:

Notes :

  1. This sustain is normally open. Used usually on KORG if I remember correctly. If you used it on Yamaha, it will be reversed. You can change it by pressing “Direct access” (near the LCD), then press your sustain, then reverse the polarity.
  2. This sustain doesn’t support half pedal. But then if you want half pedal, you should buy more expensive pedal and you won’t be here anyway.
  3. You can make this sustain normally closed, but you need to find correct push button.
  4. We don’t use resistor. The pedals that I have opened before don’t use resistor usually.




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