Journal – The way Rinaldo Plays Keyboard

In this page, I will write different parts about how do I play, what trick did I use when playing keyboards. I don’t have much time, so it might not be made all at once.

This page will works as table of contents.  The dead link, means the article is already scheduled, but maybe is not finished yet.

Please notice that contents may change from time to time.

  1. Short bullshit
    1. For my future wife later … (Indonesia only)
  2. Gear Talk
    1. YAMAHA PSR-S950
    2. Maschine Mikro MK2
    3. Alesis VX49 and Vortex Wireless
    4. IK Multimedia iRig Keys 37
    5. Lexicon Alpha / Presonus AudioBox
  3. Software Talk
    1. Ableton Live
    2. Native Instruments Komplete 10 Ultimate
    3. AmpleSound Ample Metal 2
  4. Tutorial
    1. Yamaha PSR
      1. Yamaha PSR Essential Skill
        1. How to use Registry Memory (easy)
        2. Splitting Keyboard (easy)
        3. Assignable Pedal (easy)
        4. Using Super Articulation! 2 (easy)
      2. Yamaha PSR not-so-useful skill
        1. Using DSP at Yamaha PSR (medium)
        2. Creating style at PSR (medium)
        3. Creating song at PSR (medium)
      3. Yamaha PSR and Computer
        1. Download sampler creator for PSR S950 (easy)
        2. Sampling PSR S950 (hard)
        3. Yamaha PSR MIDI (hard)
    2. Ableton Live
      1. Ableton Live Essential Skill
        1. Ableton Live Audio configuration
        2. Multi Screen
        3. Introducing to MIDI controller
        4. Introducing to Session view and Arrangement View
        5. Introducing to VST
      2. Ableton Live tips for live performance
        1. Graceful Patch Switching